About Our Company

Story of Seyad

Seyadu Beedi Company was founded in the year 1934 in Colombo, now Sri Lanka by our Founder Janab T.E. Seyad Rowther. When the demand in Colombo increased, in order to meet the demand, he started Seyadu Beedi Company in the year 1944 in Tirunelveli, and started exporting biris to Sri Lanka.

Our History

Seyadu Beedi Company was registered in 1955 as a partnership firm with our mother Janaba. S Bathumuthu Beevi, Janab.TES Fathu Rabbani, Janab.TES Naina Mohamed. Subsequently Janab.TES Kamaludeen joined as a partner. Seyadu Beedi Company mainly concentrated on exporting biris to Sri Lanka. 

Struggle & Motivation

In the year 1962 the import of biris in Sri Lanka was banned.  Therefore, gradually commercial activities of selling biris were spread into different towns predominantly in Tamilnadu and parts of Kerala, Pondicherry, etc. The Group of companies are managed by dedicated and experienced personnel in the fields of finance, marketing and production.

Growth Strategy

Seyadu Beedi Company sells over 10000 million biris a year. The company employs more than 30,000 employees directly and indirectly. All subscribe to the Provident Fund Scheme.

Educated Directors studied abroad, A few details are given below:

                   Janab. F. Sadiq M.B.A..in London.

                   Janab. N. Seyad Nawaz. Fashion Designer. In Italy.

                   Haji. Janab. K. Yoosuf Meeran. M.I.B in Australia.


The founder’s vision and prudence have placed Seyadu beedi on a well-charted evolution trend since inception. Armed with a unique and unrivalled tobacco blending formula perfected and refined over three generations, the company envisions staying ahead in the global scenario.

                         The present IT – saw third – generation entrepreneurs have gone ahead in blending technology and management principles with uncompromising standards in manufacturing practices of the Indian cigarettes. Ensuring rigid quality checks right from approval of raw materials to processing. Manufacturing and packaging holds Seyadu Beedi high among rivals. The concerted efforts of the team at the helm has resulted in progressive enhancement of Seyadu beedi’s operational efficiency, resource optimization and product quality – all leading to a balanced augmentation to the company’s business value.

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