Seyad Wind Farm

The flow of wind and wind speeds has an important bearing on generation capacity. Seyad Wind Farm - SWF has years of experience in determining the best location and putting up wind turbines for maximum efficiency.
With a total 15.625 MW capacity, our windmills are located in the state of Tamil Nadu, which is among the top four Indian states with the highest wind potential and which have favourable incentives for renewable energy companies.
SWF focussed on helping the environment by having a set of 15.625 MW installed capacity windmills to generate electricity through renewable energy resources.
SWF owned windmills are SIEMENS GAMESA G 58, VESTAS RRB V 27, VESTAS RRB V47 and NEPC 530, 600, 700 models producing annually 24.95 MW (Average).
Our windmills are located at Panagudi, Kumarapuram, Perungudi, Pazhavoor and Radhapuram in Tirunelveli district, Kalugumalai and Kayathar in Tuticorin district and Muppandal in Kanyakumari district.
These windmills yield maximum wind energy and are maintained by service providers. Our service providers and our office bearers continuously monitoring the operation of windmills in all aspects for generation, maintenance, unit cost for generation and its analysis.