Seyad Cotton Mills Limited

M/s. Seyad Cotton Mills Ltd was incorporated as Private Limited Company on 25.02.1983 with 7040 spindles and was converted into a Public Limited Company on 25.06.1996. It is a standalone spinning unit with a spinning capacity of 37344. The Unit is located on the main national highway at Moondradaippu of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. The Company belongs to the well reputed industrial group of the District Known as “Seyad Group of Companies”

The Company is well managed by a team of Directors under the leadership of Haji T.E.S Fathu Rabbani, the Chairman of the company.


Our Management Team

  1. Haji T.E.S Fathu Rabbani – Chairman
  2. Haji F. Seyad Rabbani – Managing Director
  3. Haji N Seyad Abdul Kareem – Director
  4. Janab F Sadiq – Director
  5. Janab N Seyad Nawaz – Director
  6. Haji K Seyad Abdul Kareem – Director
  7. Haji K Yoosuf Meeran  – Director
The Cotton line is the new raw material being purchased from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana depending upon the quality parameters.

Women force is the mainly utilized to make our end product, yarn is produced in villages within a distance of 70kms from our factory. The produce is brought to the factory by our company vehicles.

The unit is continuously being modernized keeping in line with the market requirements and has achieved business excellence in the entire value chain from procurement to production to consumers. The brand “SCM” has gained greater acceptance in the market for its high quality not only in domestic but also in overseas markets.

It is engaged in the manufacture of premium quality compact and elitist cotton yarn for hosiery and weaving. It is an established player in the international and domestic yarn market, with exports constituting roughly 10% of its revenue.

SCM also takes its going-green commitment very seriously and produces over 25% of its power requirement through clean wind power with installed capacity of 3.925 MW. And we manufacture 100% cotton yarn counts varying from 24s to 140s combed which goes for the manufacture of premium branded shirts and T-shirts globally. The Company products are made from various imported and Indian cotton. We take pride in our contamination free cotton yarn that gives us a special niche in the market.



Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana


40's to 80's Combed compact and Karded Warp Yarn


Majority of work force is Women

The unit is proud in announcing that it has attained the status of women unit where predominantly the majority of work force is women drawn from the rural pockets in and around our region, aligning with the group fundamental philosophy of "business with societal concern".

Seyad Cotton Mills Limited      

House of Seyad,                         

North By-pass Road,                 


Tirunelveli – 627003.

Seyad Cotton Mills Ltd,

Seyad Nagar, NH 7, Trivandrum Road, Moondradaippu – 627 152

Nanguneri(TK), Tirunelveli District.

Phone 04635 -257122


Contact Persons

Mr P. K Meeran Mohideen

DGM (Accounts)

Ph: 98421-17786


Mr. A Rafi Ahamed Khan

Purchase Manager

Ph: 98421-20986


Mr. A Mohamed Azeez

(DGM – Technical )

Ph: 98421-25186


Marketing Manager

MOB : 98421-52686