Seyad Welfare Society

Seyad Welfare Society is the charitable society which located in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu and registered under the Society act at Tirunelveli of state Tamil Nadu during the year 1990.

It has the following members

1.  Haji T.E.S Fathu Rabbani                               Chairman

2.  Haji T.E.S Naina Mohamed                            Secretary

3.  Haji F. Seyad Rabbani                                     G. Body Member

4.  Haji N Seyad Abdul Kareem                          G. Body Member

5.  Janab F Sadiq                                                  G. Body Member

6.  Janab N Seyad Nawaz                                   G. Body Member

7.  Janab A. V Varusai Mohideen                       G. Body Member

8.  Haji K Seyad Abdul Kareem                           G. Body Member

9.  Haji K Yoosuf Meeran                                     G. Body Member

It has the Education institutions under this society namely  Seyad Residential School & Seyad Hill View Nursery and Primary School located at Courtallam.  Further it runs a library called “Gnanathiravugoal” at Burkitmanagaram and also it manages an homage for old poor people in the name of “Fathimuthu Amma Illam”.